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Selling your home:

You want prospective buyers to feel really good as soon as they step into your front door. A bright home is especially welcoming. Be sure to maximize the amount of light in your home. Dark homes are very depressing to many possible buyers.

After a showing, when prospective buyers give their real estate agent feedback on your home, they always mention that a light, airy home is a huge plus and makes them really feel great about the home.


While you a preparing your home for showings, remember to clean your windows until they are sparkling clean. In the daytime, be sure you pull all the blinds up, drapes back to let the Sun Shine In. And turn on all the lights even on a bright day, when a showing is scheduled. It is true that Sunshine definitely helps sell homes!

Also, minimize any “clutter”, and clean, clean, clean. Especially the kitchen and the bathrooms. Absence of clutter assures that your home will be “show ready” at all times. Keeping a home show ready is hard work, especially if you have small children, or are already packing for your move.

Having your home well groomed on the exterior is critical too. Check the landscaping, down to the paint, on the home. “Curb Appeal” is important to get that buyer inside. If there are any cosmetic minor repairs make them now.

It will be well worth it, as a well cared for home stands an excellent chance of selling more quickly for the best price! Good luck is enhanced with your hard work!

An experienced agent will help you make a list of things to accomplish before your home goes on the market. Give us a call or email us; we have been helping Sellers for years!